Review Park & Sun Tournament 179 Outdoor Volleyball Set

Recently in preparation for a large family outing at the beach I visited my local Sports Authority in search of an affordable but durable outdoor volleyball net system. My search criteria included the following requirements

  1. The net system did not need to be AVP worthy but it also shouldn’t fall apart the first time the ball gets served or hit directly into the net.
  2. Portability with easy setup and breakdown
  3. Easy to adjust tension system to keep the net taught
  4. Boundary lines to reduce ball in vs. ball out second guessing
  5. Priced below a $200 budget

The Sports Authority in-store options were either too expensive, too cheap or just didn’t satisfy all the features I was looking for. Of course, whenever I can’t find something locally, I end up on They definitely had a better selection of net systems that were under $200 and which also met most of my requirements. I settled on the Park & Sun Tournament 179 Volleyball set.

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Specs & Features

  • 1 5/8 diameter 3 –piece telescopic poles made of aircraft aluminum
  • Momentum net with slip-on straps
  • 8 inch steel ground stakes
  • Double guyline set with tension rings
  • Pre-measured boundary lines with corner anchors and cord winder
  • Heavy-duty nylon bag with straps and full zipper

Park & Sun Tournament 179


Aside from the specs and features, the favorable reviews on are what finally swayed me to purchase this system. Majority of the reviews were 5 stars and stressed the ease and convenience of using this system. The durability, light weight and easy height adjustability of the poles was mentioned in a good number of the reviews. The very few 3 and 2 star reviews mentioned the less than adequate ball off the net playability and issues with the tension system.

Guyline Adjustment

Guyline Adjustment

Rigorous play over time will most likely result in a saggy net eventually. From my personal experience with this net system, the top of the net can easily be made taught again by adjusting the tension rings on the guylines with a pull-down and pull-up motion as pictured to the left.

However, the bottom of the net which does not have the same tape reinforcement that the top strap does is pretty loose. I’ll have to agree, as already stated by other reviewers, that off the bottom of the net play is lacking. Despite these shortcomings and at this price point the Tournament 179 is still an enjoyable and very functional outdoor volleyball net system.

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Where to Buy

The Park & Sun Tournament 179 Volleyball net system can be purchased through various sports equipment retailers. is my online retailer of choice for any of the Park & Sun outdoor volleyball net system products. Some of the benefits of ordering through include free shipping to most areas, easy returns, in-stock availability and best pricing.

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