Tilos Sport Lightweight Outdoor Skin Socks Review

Tilos Skin Socks

Since 1991 “Live Hard. Dive Hard.” has been the Tilos Inc. motto that fuels their focus and commitment to always keep customers at the forefront of everything they do. The Tilos Sport Skin Socks easily reflect this motto in it’s design and purpose. Ideal for all types of beach activities, they protect feet from hot sand, mud, blisters, and sunburn. […]

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Sand Socks Volleyball Players Review

Sand Socks

Sand exposed to the hot sun or chilly weather conditions can potentially cause injury to unprotected feet. Sand Socks by Vincere Sports provides the ideal protective solution for feet on very hot, ice cold or even abrasive sand. They have become a popular and often necessary accessory for recreational and professional sand volleyball players throughout the world. Check amazon.com current […]

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